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Three of the most beautiful places in the Caribbean

Haiti occupies the western region of the Caribbean island of Hispaniola, which its shares with the Dominican Republic. Haiti is a land of contrast. On one side, it is a country suffering from urban overpopulation. But on the other side, it is also a vibrant land with rich art, lively music and coastal areas teeming with clear, turquoise beaches amid a backdrop of verdant, forest-covered mountains. Many of Haiti’s beautiful beaches offer hotels, restaurants and small, water sports operators. Within this web site, you will find three beautiful places that will charm you. I have selected some locations of interest for you. Please sit back and relax while surfing these beautiful and amazing places.
  • Jacmel

  • Labadee

  • Citadelle la Ferriere

Royal Caribbean Boat in Labadee  
Haiti offers a beach for every type of visitor - from private beaches that offer every tourist comfort imaginable Civadier in Jacmel, Kaliko Beach in Port-au-Prince, Labadee in Cap-Haitian, included, almost deserted beaches like Port-Salut Beach.Port-Salut Beach is situated in Port Salut at the southwestern tip of the country. It is a lush, mountainous area boasting an 800-meter stretch of beach with rows upon rows of tall, swaying palm trees. Its powdery white sands and clear, blue waters are ideal for long, solitary walks, swimming or leisure hunting for that occasional shell, starfish, unusual stone and other beach artifacts. Port Salut Beach is the only rainforest in Haiti. This backdrop offers visitors the opportunity to take inland adventurers such as hiking and nature walking. Next, stop is: Jacmel.
Jaclef Hotel in Jacmel  

Built at the bottom of a wide gulf on the Caribbean Sea, north surrounded by forested mountains, Jacmel was founded in 1698 by Compagnie de Saint-Domingue. Today a little more flexible, it has considerable tourism assets. Besides its architecture and environment of beaches and mountains, Jacmel offers an original and abundant craft.

Citadelle Spartial View  

Finally, you won’t want to miss Citadelle La Ferriere “Built by King Henry Christophe as a protection against a possible French invasion, the Citadel was an integral part of the Haitian strategic defense to ensure the success of the Haitian Revolution. The Citadel has one of the richest collections of artillery in the world, more than 160 pieces from different countries: France, Spain, England, etc. The most valuable ones are kept in a wing of the edifice turned into a museum.

Thomas L. Dugue