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Jacmel, Haiti


Built at the bottom of a wide gulf on the Caribbean Sea, north surrounded by forested mountains, Jacmel was founded in 1698 by Compagnie de Saint-Domingue. Today a little more flexible, it has considerable tourism assets. Besides its architecture and environment of beaches and mountains, Jacmel offers an original and abundant craft.

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The historic town of Jacmel (or Jakmèl, in Creole) is located along the southern coast of Haiti, in a beautiful Caribbean bay. Founded in 1698, Jacmel has a history tinged with economic and cultural prosperity. Important trading center, Jacmel was one of the largest coffee-exporting ports and essential oils in the Caribbean.
Today, Jacmel is considered by many as the cultural capital of the country. Recognized for its unique artistic traditions, Jacmel has hosted the most famous painters and poets. With its rich cultural scene, it is still one of the major production centers of art and craft of Haiti.
His theatrical carnival, its French colonial architecture, its beautiful beaches, its mountains and its comfortable draw hotels in Jacmel Haitians and foreigners in search of authentic charm. Short trips a weekend as far as the long holidays are favored by the opening of an airport in the city.
Jacmel is the fifth largest city of Haiti. Its population is estimated at 40 000. The quality of life, services and infrastructure to help the city maintain a climate of peace and stability difficult to compare with other parts of the country. The local community is very united and proud of his city, which promotes greater participation of people in public projects. All these factors give Jacmel the reputation of being one of the most dynamic and interesting. This city is the ideal place to give a positive face reality too often misunderstood.

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